MeghaNine offers redundant and scalable, fully dedicated virtual servers that can be customized to fit your unique business requirements at a competitive price.  Built using the proven Enomaly Elastic Computing Platform (ECP), MeghaNine’s cloud hosting subscription plans give you the infrastructure you need when you need it.  With the ability to create and modify virtual servers independently, you can allocate the necessary resources to engineer your data center and get up and running quickly and easily.  Whether you are using Windows or Linux, we have the latest software to support your critical applications for testing and development or production level implementations to run your business.

Cloud Migration Services

MeghaNine helps clients reduce IT expenses by helping them migrate their expensive, legacy server environments, applications and software onto the MeghaNine cloud. We also assist you to migrate to any number of third party cloud-hosted solutions from Amazon Web Services, Azure, or Google Apps for Business. With our knowledgeable experts and experienced partners, MeghaNine can assist you in your cloud journey with a proven methodology:

Phase 1: Diagnostics

In Phase 1, we work with your team to identify software applications that could benefit you by running on a public or private cloud. We evaluate your business goals and IT strategy, identify under-utilized assets, and prioritize proof of concept opportunities. This diagnostic is a relatively quick and painless process.

Phase 2: Assessment

In Phase 2, MeghaNine experts assist you in prioritizing your state of readiness, and create detailed documentation for migration opportunities. We can assist you in conducting a quantitative assessment of your options to highlight cost savings to your executive management. Our migration strategy will enable the migration of highest-value applications, and portray a realistic implementation road map.

Phase 3: Proof of Concept

The final phase consists of a pilot “proof of concept” to clearly demonstrate a working cloud to your executive management, and then build a business case and implementation plan for a production roll-out.

MeghaNine will help you reduce your technology costs while providing the peace of mind associated with having your company operating in our fully managed, secure data center.  Call today for a free consultation and try our solutions for 30 days, free of charge.

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