Rob Cumming


With more than 14 years experience in technology design and productisation, strategic business consulting and developing next generation business models for the building industry, Rob began his career as a founding member Sausage Software – the first Internet company to list on the Australian Stock Exchange. At Sausage, Rob led R&D efforts around the HotDog web-authoring tool and development of the first commercial product to process online credit card transactions. Following the company’s acquisition in 2001, Rob formed specialist technology development business Myretsu in conjunction with Sausage Founder Steve Outtrim, and created Urbanise. Rob has since led a team that has designed and developed advanced technology solutions for a range of industries sectors. In 2009, Rob relocated to Dubai to set up Urbanise Middle East, and work in partnership with Cisco Systems on Smart City initiatives in the GCC region.


Angela Patel

Senior Vice President and Chief Risk Officer, Pentagon Federal Credit Union

Angela began her career at General Electric, spending nearly 5 years in the prestigious Financial Management Program (FMP) and Corporate Audit Staff (CAS).  During this time, Angela worked in many of GE’s industries around the world, including Healthcare, Real Estate, Commercial and Consumer Finance, and NBC Universal, among others.

In 2007, Angela left GE to pursue her Risk Management career at Forest City Enterprises in New York City.  Tasked with building, staffing, developing the strategy for, and leading a governance, risk, and compliance function, Angela built both a strategic risk program geared toward the company’s development activities, as well as an operational risk program focused on adherence to financial compliance, notably Sarbanes Oxley.

Working as Director, and Leader, of Deloitte & Touche’s Enterprise Risk Management Centre of Excellence for the Middle East Region, she advised and assisted clients across a broad range of industries and sectors with the definition, identification, measurement, analysis, and treatment of risks across multiple functions and categories.  In particular, Angela sought to link Enterprise Risk Management back to Corporate Strategy, ensuring that all risks which threaten strategic objectives are understood, managed, and intertwined with corporate decision-making.

Today as Chief Risk Officer of PenFed, Angela develops, implements, and administers PenFed’s Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program. She provides senior guidance to the Executive Team and the Board of Directors in establishing PenFed’s risk appetite and managing risks within those thresholds.

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